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TOPPER Thermal Mug

TOPPER Thermal Mug

We love a brew. We love the great outdoors.


The TOPPER Thermal Mug is the result of many weeks of testing, and many rainy days on a hillside wishing we had a warm brew on hand.We concluded the best piece of kit for the job was the Lifeventure. Favoured by outdoorsmen from mountaineers to the military, these are among the most reliable, durable, and compact ways to cart your tea or coffee.


They feature a pressure release lid, food-grade silicon seal, food-grade stainless steel inner, vacuum insulated double wall, and a 300ml capacity. Crucially they will keep your tea or coffee piping hot for 4hrs+ (ours was still steaming after an 8hr test).


Onto these rugged mugs we wrap a large collar of the finest British veg-tanned leather which is hand stitched into a secure, tapered form to ensure a snug fit. The collar includes a versatile hand hold/strap which can be opened via the heavy duty pop-fastener. This allows easy attachment to belts or rucksacks. For extra security, a dee ring atop the strap enables you to clip the flask onto hiking gear with complete peace of mind. Removing the handle entirely is easily done by simply unscrewing the Chicago screw up top.


You need not worry when the rain clouds inevitably close in whilst out on the trail; all of the metal hardware used is solid brass and made here in England, so rust will never be a problem after a downpour.


With functionality, durability, quality materials, a choice of stitching colour, and your initials embossed to the base, the TOPPER Thermal Mug ticks all the boxes


x 1 x Lifeventure and 1 x leather collar with handle

x Mug capacity 300ml

x Will keep hot drinks hot for 4hrs+ / cold drinks cold for 8hrs+

x Pressure release chamber in lid

x Food grade materials

x Wash by hand

x 16.4cm high


“The entire British empire was built on cups of tea, and if you think I'm going to war without one, mate, you're mistaken. ” ― Eddie, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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