Our take on the classic leather belt. Crafted from reassuringly thick pieces of 4.5mm Bridle Butt leather, fitted with solid brass rust-proof hardware, and worked entirely by hand. The TRAFALGAR is designed to outlast its owner.


After 10 months of testing and re-design, we settled on this as our ultimate belt for a long life in the real world. Smart enough for the office, yet rugged enough for the next adventure, your new belt should sit on your hip through whatever life throws at you.


With a choice of colour, width, buckle and size, you can truly make this belt your own.


Please be aware there can be colour variations from one hide to the next. Photo number 6 shows our current colours. This is part of the charm of small batch veg-tanned leather. If unsure, please contact us before ordering.


"You don't find a style. A style finds you." - Keith Richards

  • Sizing

    Please note that the only accurate way to size your belt is to measure from the eyelet you currently use, to where the leather wraps around the buckle.


    This is the measurement we require.

    Most trouser sizes vary from your true waist by up to 2". If you rely on the printed size on your trousers, the belt will not be a good fit. We will not accept returns on account of incorrect size requests.


    Our belts are punched with 7 holes at 1" intervals. The size you order will be the central hole.

Leather Colour